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Re: [IP] Calling on the Experienced!

Marti,  I had the same experience as you...  Are you using Humalog insulin??
I came home from   then felt so bloated could no eat anything else and figured
that I took wayyy to much carb and bolused 1 unit   then checked again  50...
then dropped to 46...  I asked a friend of mine to take me to the hospital
--- got there and hour later  57  Hospital checked my blood glucsoe 67  2
hours had passed and still 
not out of hypoglycemia  They gave me a shot of glucagon  my bs went to 198...
Then I got sick  - vomiting , diarrhea.....   I figured that for some reason I
was not digesting and utilizing my carb...  For some reason, perhaps because I
was getting 
sick....  I have had diabetes for 39 1/2 years and do not have
It was very scarry and hope it does not happen again.  In the number of years
that I 
have had diabetes I have always recovered from hypoglycemia myself without 
assistance from paramedics or hospital(knock on wood)  I also think it may be
Humalog that I am using in my 507 Minimed pump.  
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