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[IP] What does your bottle of Humalog look like?

To all the Humalog users out there:

What does your bottle of Humalog look like?

I opened a bottle today and have set it aside because it "looks different".

There is no bar code on the side of the label. All bottles of insulin I
have received in the past several years have bar codes on the labels - even

There is a "label" of sorts applied over the area on the bottle where the
bar code normally would be, colored black. It appears to have the
expiration date and lot number on it. This label appears to have been
placed on the bottle at a later time, as it is a separate piece of label
material. The expiration date seems to be Oct 1, 1999. The lot number looks
like 1MU29M. The box and packing material seem fine.

When I snapped the plastic protective cap off the top of the bottle, the
opening in the metal piece of the cap is oval shaped, and the metal piece
of the cap is "distended" - kind of looks like the rubber stopper would pop
out if the metal piece of the cap were not there.

In over 41 years of insulin use, I have not seen a bottle like this before.
I'm not too worried, since I have another supply of insulin, but am real
curious. I sent a message to Eli Lilly but am not too hopeful for a
response. I don't want to turn the bottle back in to the pharmacy, in case
Lilly does respond and asks for more details.

If folks feel that responses to the list would consume too much time and
space, please e mail me privately.
Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted
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