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Re: [IP] Re: Wearing A Pump

On 20 Feb 98 at 15:03, Rose Lulla wrote:

> That's right Buddy!  We walked that chalk line with Ravi.  We learned all
> we could and continue that education daily.  You are right about NPH. 
> Ravi feels so much better now than he ever has since being diagnosed.  We
> knew the pump was not a cure and that it does have some down sides.  But
> overall, the freedom we have now is incredible.  Ask a 10 year old that
> can eat lunch with his class mates now.  Ask that same 10 year old how it
> feels to not have to be eating all the time now.  Ask him how much better
> his life is now that he is on the pump.  Ask a little boy who did
> EVERYTHING that was asked of him and no matter what, could not get any
> kind of control.
--- snip to conserve space---
> of high sugars, or dropping everything to get juice to bring up a low.  I
> have to agree with Buddy, everyone diagnosed IDD should have the
> opportunity to get a pump, no matter what age that person is.  Especially
> if that person is young.  Diabetes took away three years of Ravi's life
> as a "normal" child.  Now that he is on the pump, life is more "normal"
> and I wish we would have had the pump from the beginning so we could have
> avoided those lost years.

You're right on the money with the observations about the pump and 
the improvements it makes in lifestyle.   I wish some of parents of 
some of the young diabetics around here were as agressive in being 
advocates for their children as you are.  

> I know some of you won't agree with me.  My suggestion to you would be to
> have a serious talk with your mate or family members and ask them about
> how much better life is now that you are on the pump.

Some of the people at work have commented that I am easier to get 
along with since I got on the pump - fewer log BG blow ups.  My wife 
definitely would agree that life is better now.  Joseph has commented 
several times about "Daddy better now", and William just hugs me, 
giggles and goes on.  

Randall Winchester

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