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[IP] Turnabout


My husband's blood sugar dropped down to 54 this afternoon.  He has been
diagnosed as "borderline hypoglycemic" and is aware that he needs to eat
regularly.  Well, he had been doing a lot of running around town and didn't
eat lunch till 2:00.  This must have really messed him up because by 5:00 he
was really feeling bad.

Although he has been in the 60's before, he has never gone this low.  He was
shaking and breaking out into a cold sweat.  His concentration was gone.
Basically, he felt like I do at 35-45.  For once, I got to play the nurturing
role.  I helped him get juice and kept track of the time so that he could
retest.   I've turned my old meter over to him so that when he needs to test,
his numbers don't screw up my averages.   While I'm sorry that he went so low,
it was nice to be able to return the favor.

Mary Jean
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