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Re: [IP] Camps

I wanted to reply as I had a very positive experience as a camper at diabetes
camp in Michigan.  Later I went on to be a counselor at the diabetes camp in
both New Mexico and Oregon.

For me the greatest thing about going to diabetes camp was being around other
people who had to test, take shots, and knew what it was like to low.  In the
tweleve years that I have had diabetes I have never known many people with
diabetes.  Camp was a time to feel normal and get to try new events like rock

I also think it can be positive for the parents of a child with diabetes as
they can send their child away knowing that their child is safe as most camps
have very adequate medical coverage.  The ratios seem to be pretty good for
medical people to campers.

Any one else here go to Camp Midicha in Michigan or to Gales Creek Camp in

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