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Re: [IP] Sliding Scale Insulin Dose

I have to agree about physicians who are reluctant bout use of supplemental
doses to correct high BG's in children.  Most are very cautious about extra
insulin use because they don't want growing children to have very low BG's
that can affect brain tissue in a negative way.  Arbitrary sliding scales do
not always work well because they usually do not consider the individual's
total daily insulin amount or the body weight.  Supplemental scales used in
insulin pumping and MDI are much more appropriate and realistic.  Children
should never be left to develop DKA,as that is just as bad for brain
development.  High BG's in school leads to a sleepy child who is not awake
enough to learn.  Pediatric medicine and pediatric endocrinology have come a
long way, but have not reached the end of the road.  It is ridiculous for a
child to have one basal rate or a set insulin dose, as normal insulin levels
fluctuate automatically for people who do not have diabetes.   It just doesn't
make sense to not adjust for high BG's.  It does make sense not to over do it.

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