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[IP] Re: Doctors needing control

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
  He moved me from 4 basal rates to
>one, and it is not working!
If he doesn't like what I choose, which will likely be to go back to 4 rates
and modify
>from there, I will drop him.

    I would drop him like a "hot rock". If I am paying one of these turkeys
and he is not listening to what I want to do bye bye doc.
    I had one that wanted me to take a 14 unit bolus at each meal and eat to
stay ahead of the game! I just ignored him and quit faxing him my BG. I got
a letter from him saying since he was not making an IMPACT on my BG's I
should find another doctor! He was making an impact alright. . . .  35's and
50's. I consider those his grades! <BIG GRIN>

>I think we really need to pay attention to how we feel and make our views
>known, even though that can be hard sometimes.  We have the right to have
>control, and the doctors will just have to learn to live with people having
>input into their diabetes treatment.
>type 1, 18 years
>pump, 13 years

    I will say again there is more information right here in this group than
ANY endo has!
    It is our body and as long as we can keep one doctor that will check on
us and write the scripts we need we will soar!

Buddy '-) email @ redacted

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