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Re: [IP] Sliding Scale Insulin Dose

> >Once again I am writing for advice.  My daughters Endo and our Pediatrician
> >both say they do not believe in doing "sliding scale" for insulin dosages.
> >They say we are just trading highs for lows and it is NEVER recommended for
> >pediatric treatment of Type 1 Diabetes.   They say what is below the peaks
> is
> >what counts and not the occasional peaks.   Whatever her readings are they
> >want me to give the same amount of insulin each day.  (this makes no sense

Bull S--t !!
With comments and treatment like that they ought to have their 
liscenses to practice medicine revoked. They are clearly way behind 
the times in terms of the treatment of pediatric diabetes. They are 
obligated to stay current by their respective medical review boards.

Contact MiniMed and Disetronic reps in your area 
(through factory) and get referrals to progressive ENDO's. See the 
web page for both companies

 2) Get a copy of Pumping 
Insulin or got to the website HOWTO page

Determine your daughters basal needs and put her on MDI of 3 to 4 
shots a day with NPH only at night (and maybe while at school 
when she is asleep or out of your reach). Preferably at night only.  
An injection of regular every 4-5 hours when there is no NPH will 
cover nicely.  She can skip snacks and adjust her doses for meals 
as a pumper does. You (and she) must learn to carbo count. Lily has 
done this on a 24hr basis a few times when her pump was being 
repaired over a 3 day weekend. Before the days of Quick Release, she 
drowned her pump several times in the pool (leaky waterproof case).

There is no reason she can not enjoy the same stability and freedom 
as a pumper, albiet with a little more effort.

Michael (Dad of Lily, diabetic since 11 pumping since 11.5 
 3 years now)
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/