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[IP] Calculating ratios HOWTO pump

> The first few weeks, if you experience too many lows, especially if you can
> track what time you're experiencing the lows, you'll need to adjust the basal
> rates.  Also, it is difficult at first, adjusting to calculating the Carbos.
> This is essential.  Usually, it's 1 unit per 15 carbs. 
This is your CARB TO INSULIN RATIO, it is different for everyone, but 
not by a whole bunch.
See the website for HOWTO measure it.

> That's the general
> rule of thumb.  It really does get easier.   Err at first with less regular
> insulin. It's easier to bring you sugar down than it is to bring it up.  I
> hope I haven't confused you.
> Pumping Insulin is a great workbook.  It explains the math.  For instance, if
> my blood sugar is 226 I subtract 100 (the ideal BS reading goal) and obtain
> the reading of 126.
> So my BS is 226-100=126.  Then I divide this by 42 which equals 3 units of

This is your BG TO INSULIN ratio, see the website for how to measure.

> insulin.  This is my bolus.  If I start noticing low BS readings at night, or
> wake up with nightmares, I'll switch to dividing by 52 instead of 42.  This
> would change my bolus to 126 divided by 52= a bolus of 2.4.  Got it?  Good.
> It gets easier. Honest.

There is also you BG to CARB ratio, again which is easily measured.

Once you know your ratios, calculating and adjusting BG's, Boluses, 
and setting Basals is a piece of cake (no pun intended).

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