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Re: [IP] Re: reconsider drawbacks??

> I can think of one, as my insurance will not cover an insulin pump. 
> Thats the only one though!
Unless the policy states IN WRITING that they will not cover a pump, 
simply because they have an internal policy of not covering does not 
mean you can not force them to do it.  The DCCT for instance has 
shown clearly that MDI and pumping clearly benefit a diabetic, and 
ultimately reduce the cost of medical treatment for the condition. It 
took me a year and a half of hassle and a threatend lawsuit to get 
Lily's pump covered.  Don't give up. No insurance company wants to 
risk loosing a lawsuit that will set a precident. Keep pushing, 
appeal, and finally threaten to sue as a last resort.

Can't you just see the insurance company offering a wooden leg to an 
amputee because a prothesis is to expensive!!!


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