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Re: [IP] Sliding Scale Insulin Dose

I believe your gut feeling is right, and your endo is wrong. I've used a
sliding scale for years, long before the medical profession started saying it
was a good idea. I think of an injection as a Janus with 2 faces: one looking
forward to what you're about to eat, and one looking back to what's already
happened. My endo accused me of incessantly fiddling with my doses. It's a bit
of a power game really: if a doctor's treating you for cancer or a broken leg,
he's in control. But with diabetes he's not. He has no idea what you're doing
with your diabetes every hour of the day. I think deep down they try to retain
some control, by dictating precise doses and eating patterns, and not having
to rely on your intelligence and responsibility. Pork and beef insulins
possibly work too slowly to correct bg's in this way, but Humalog is excellent
for the job.

I say shave off that high with an extra unit of insulin!

Best wishes
John Neale
Type 1 for 21 yrs. MM507+Humalog since Dec 97. Still in 'euphoria' stage!

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