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[IP] starting out on the pump

So many things are coming to mind with the overflow of info, I had to
make a comment.  I have been one to believe what the guys in the white
shirts (doctors or those with PHD's) tell me, that I have gotten myself
into some bad health situations.  Then again, they kept me alive until I
found real help, so I start from here.  The Pump did save me from not
living as well as I do now, and it will work until there is a cure.  I
read the book Insulin Pumping, and adjusted to the scales that were
outlined in the book. I found that what was right for them was not for
me, and made my own adjustments as I experimented with their formulas.
When you are just starting out don't take the advice as if it were
written in stone!  Some of the things that are suggested don't work the
same for everyone.  We are all different in our own ways, even though we
suffer with the same disease.   1. unit of insulin in my pump is enough
to take 100 off of my Bg reading.  I rarely take more than 3.5 for a
full meal of 75 cho and  may still have a low later.  I am not an
athelete that has a high metabolism, just a grandma that walks and
fishes, so adjustments are necessary when stating out on the pump.  
I'll be interested to hear how Barry will be doing with his horse
training, and everyone else that is just getting started good luck!
I have only been on the pump a year and half, and it is a continual
learning trip.  I have lows and highs but this roller coaster is a lot
easier to ride than the one I got off.  The best I could get with a hbac
was 8.9 on the other roller coaster, and the pump has given me the
ability to stay in the 6.7 area.  And I do feel better.  Laurie B. ddm
for 36 years and pumping 1.5
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/