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[IP] Re:Pain at sight

>I was surprised at the level of interest my letter on wearing a pump
>generated.  I don't really know how to send this to the entire group, but
>somehow, I know it will be read and eventually I'll get the hang of how to
>communicate appropriately with everyone. In the meantime, I'll do it the
way I
>know how.

    Why should you be surprised? Nearly all of us have on too.  Also when
you send your post we can all see it no matter to whom you are responding.

>I'm not giving advice right now as an RN, just as a fellow "pumper."   If,
>after insertion of your needle or soft-set, you experience continued pain,
>should disconnect at that site and go to another.  Not only will you end of
>with a bruise, unnecessary pain, and contant warning beeps due to an
>occlusion, you'll end up spending an inordinate amount of time fighting
>high/low bgs.  You shouldn't experience pain at the site unless something
>wrong.  Don't get this confused with the discomfort one feels if they've
>inserted the needle at their waistline.

    I know the pain you are referring to. I have experienced it several
times but never has it caused a bruise. If I do have one of these painful
insertions the sight will only be good for three days. Otherwise I get six
or seven days. Only once, when the needle went in crooked, have I had to
pull the set back out and put it somewhere else. QUESTION: Do you use the
same cath you just inserted wrong or change to another one? Me, I used the
same one and had no problems with it. I have been living on very little
income and know the value, or lack of, a dollar and do not waste anything!
Worked for me. I remember someone saying the other day about having to
change sets four times in succession. This just about overwhelms me to think
about it! I think; This is $60.00 worth of supplies at one time. That is
enough to last me about one month. I'm not criticizing  anyone, just letting
you understand how some people have to look at different situations. Money
may not be everything but when you don't have a lot of it you have to change
    I put 50% of my sets at my waistline and almost never have any
discomfort unless my suspenders irritate them.

    Hey Rose,
    There is one downside, the pump and supplies are very expensive. Let's
all move to Italy with Fabrizio!

Buddy '-) email @ redacted

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