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Re: [IP] Error E15 on my Minimed 507

The first few weeks, if you experience too many lows, especially if you can
track what time you're experiencing the lows, you'll need to adjust the basal
rates.  Also, it is difficult at first, adjusting to calculating the Carbos.
This is essential.  Usually, it's 1 unit per 15 carbs.  That's the general
rule of thumb.  It really does get easier.   Err at first with less regular
insulin. It's easier to bring you sugar down than it is to bring it up.  I
hope I haven't confused you.
Pumping Insulin is a great workbook.  It explains the math.  For instance, if
my blood sugar is 226 I subtract 100 (the ideal BS reading goal) and obtain
the reading of 126.
So my BS is 226-100=126.  Then I divide this by 42 which equals 3 units of
insulin.  This is my bolus.  If I start noticing low BS readings at night, or
wake up with nightmares, I'll switch to dividing by 52 instead of 42.  This
would change my bolus to 126 divided by 52= a bolus of 2.4.  Got it?  Good.
It gets easier. Honest.

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