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Re: [IP] Re:reconsider drawbacks??

Not to be disrespectful, but there are a few perceived drawbacks to the pump.
It is very expensive if you have a high deductible on your insurance as I do.
Also, without being graphic, if you're single, it can, and does get in the way
with sudden changes in positioning yourself.  I've cured that by disconnecting
before things get out of hand, if I have the presence of mind to remember to
do that.  Since sometimes increased activity decreases by BS so quickly,
disconnecting during intimate times works out real well.  Also, as a business
woman, I've noticed that I've had to change my wardrobe substantially.
Wearing dresses just complicates my life.  Pants and skirts are just easier.
Elegant evening wear is even more challenging.  I remove the pump and tubing
(leaving the needle in) and check my BS every hour.  I just switch to the
injections.  I don't mind the inconvience to look a little extra nice once in
a while.
These aren't terrible "downs" but people need to know that the pump isn't a
panacea from every problem.  Just as in anything, it isn't perfect, but I
thank God for the day that I became a pumper.
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