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Re: [IP] Error E15 on my Minimed 507

Mine wasn't an Error E15.  It was a major shutdown of the entire pump.  With
no warning it just erased all 5 of my bolus settings!!!!  I was absolutely
frantic.  My blood sugar quickly climbed to over 450 before I finally called
the 1-800 number.  I was informed that this error shutdown does occur.  The
lesson it taught me was have all your bolus settings written down somewhere.
Maybe I sound stupid to some of you, but I didn't have my numbers written down
anywhere.  Besides, I got confused quickly because of my rapidly increasing
BS.  I've been nursing for 20 years and didn't anticipate the obvious.
A word of warning to those of you who aren't on the pump yet, but plan on
going on it.  I was on 4-5 shots  daily with poor control.  I've got a
bachelor's degree and nursing and am considered rather intelligent.  I have
instructed patients on Morphine pumps and pumps with chemo drugs in them.  My
mini-med 507 was the most challenging, difficult thing I've ever had to learn.
I was absolutely overwhelmed.  I was in information overload, and I am not
exaggerating. The thing is, it does become second nature and very simple.  Be
patient.  It is well worth the short anxious-ridden period when first starting
out.  I have a sneaking feeling that you'll find tons of support in this forum
here.  This place is quite a haven.  Good-luck to all you new Pumpers.
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