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[IP] Sliding Scale Insulin Dose

Once again I am writing for advice.  My daughters Endo and our Pediatrician
both say they do not believe in doing "sliding scale" for insulin dosages.
They say we are just trading highs for lows and it is NEVER recommended for
pediatric treatment of Type 1 Diabetes.   They say what is below the peaks is
what counts and not the occasional peaks.   Whatever her readings are they
want me to give the same amount of insulin each day.  (this makes no sense to
me - why would you give the same amount of insulin for a 300 reading as you
would for a 90?)

Also, as a mother I struggle with not giving her Humalog to bring down an
occasional high.  This doesn't happen frequently but on occasion it does.  I
realize if this are happens frequently and we see a trend it is time to change
the insulin dosage.   To not treat the high bothers me greatly.  When I give
the extra Humalog I am careful to not do it in conjunction with the NPH peak
(so far I have never sent her crashing).   Currently she is on a 2 shot/day
regimin - before breakfast and dinner.  

If we have the technology available to bring quickly bring down highs then why
not?  I don't want to be going against our doctors but I am sense there may be
two schools of thought on this.   Any input will be greatly welcome.  Also if
I am completely off base please set me straight!  

Sherri Lynn (Laura's mom)   
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/