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Re: [IP] Wearing A Pump

I was surprised at the level of interest my letter on wearing a pump
generated.  I don't really know how to send this to the entire group, but
somehow, I know it will be read and eventually I'll get the hang of how to
communicate appropriately with everyone. In the meantime, I'll do it the way I
know how.
I'm not giving advice right now as an RN, just as a fellow "pumper."   If,
after insertion of your needle or soft-set, you experience continued pain, you
should disconnect at that site and go to another.  Not only will you end of
with a bruise, unnecessary pain, and contant warning beeps due to an
occlusion, you'll end up spending an inordinate amount of time fighting
high/low bgs.  You shouldn't experience pain at the site unless something is
wrong.  Don't get this confused with the discomfort one feels if they've
inserted the needle at their waistline.  
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