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[IP] Paying for infusion sets in the UK

Hi. Is anyone else in this group from the UK? I'm trying to find the best way
to get the British NHS to pay for infusion sets and syringes for my MiniMed

No luck so far. It's crazy: hardly anyone uses a pump in Britain because the
NHS won't pay for them. I had to buy the pump myself - at least they're
cheaper in Britain than the US. I think the official line is that any benefit
conferred by pumps do not outweigh the extra expense. And of course the NHS is
in constant financial crisis, so they can't think in the long-term (reduced
risk of expensive complications etc...)

My endo is amazed at the improvement in my control and quality of life, and
has asked me to give a seminar to his diabetes team. But the NHS is forbidden
to pay for these things except in extreme situations - ie for uncontrollable
diabetics. I certainly wasn't uncontrollable - I just wanted BETTER control.

Any ideas?

Best wishes
John Neale
Type I 21 yrs MM507+Humalog since Dec 97

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