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Hi Steve, I use .2 basals ofr a good part of the day and evening. I have
never had a clogged line in the 2 1/2 years I have pumped. I first used
buffered regular (Velosulin) and then humalog. I am now trying the 5-1 mix
of velosulin and humalog. Maybe the line didn't clog, but the tubing at
site crimped? What type of insulin do you use and what happens when you
bolus for a meal? Funny how all of us have different and yet alot alike
experiences. I can crimp my set depending on shere I put it, and that
doesn't trigger an alarm (wish it did)but my bg goes way high and then
when I bolus to bring bg down its okay. When I change the site, I can see
where the canula was crimped. Good luck, Roz

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