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Re: [IP] Wearing A Pump


> To top it all off... on Monday night when I was getting the boys 
>  ready for bed Joseph told me that he wanted to get a "little medicine 
>  box" (that's what he calls the pump)  like mine.  When I told him I 
>  hoped he never had to have one he got mad and told me he wanted one.  
>  I just sat down, gave him a hug and cried.  I told him he could have 
>  a toy medicine box but I hoped he never had a real one - that 
>  satisfied him.  How many people outside of our circle really 
>  understand the pain that I felt then and still feel today?  
A child's love is simply amazing.  Joseph must really admire his daddy.  My
heart goes out to you.  My son, who is now eleven years old, is starting to
worry about the possibility that he will become diabetic.  I told him that
there is a chance of it but that it is not something that will definitely
happen. But still, he watches me carefully and is very interested in my
diabetes.  He was three when I was diagnosed so he doesn't remember life any
other way.  I wonder how much of it he is just internalizing, not wanting to
worry me about his worries.  He is a bright kid and reaches logical
conclusions most of the time, but I hope he isn't getting too stressed out
about his medical future.

As for the itchy tape problem, have you tried using skin-prep? Does it help?

Mary Jean
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