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Re: [IP] Wearing A Pump

I have been diabetic for as many years as I have clear memories of.
Diagnosed at age 4 or 5, I don't have anything to compare "being diabetic"
with. Diabetes has always been my life.

Pumping has changed things for me dramatically, but I definitely agree with
what others have mentioned re: lack of euphoria. I felt happy and glad that
I had taken what I considered to be a very positive step forward, but true
euphoria for me will come when the cure is found and shared with all of us.

What pumping has done for me is allow me to gain / regain control of things
in my life which had previously been controlled by diabetes. It has helped
me change from being "managed" by my health to "managing" my health.
Subtle, but important to me.

Yeah, it can be a hassle. If I reflect on how I spend my time, I may
actually be spending more time now paying attention to my pump, insulin,
diet and exercise (actually, lack of exercise) than I did previously.  But
I can usually do something with the data I gather. I feel like I can adjust
things and see the results.

I do have those days when I feel like screaming - sometimes more of them in
a month than I want or need. It does get frustrating. On those days when I
feel like just "chucking the whole thing", I remember that one of my stated
goals when I began pumping is to be in the best shape possible for the day
when the cure is discovered. That's the day I'll chuck the whole thing and
party my a** off ;-)

It's so important to get feedback from pumpers (and ex pumpers) before
starting on pump therapy. If all I based my initial decision on was
marketing literature and enthusiastic calls from sales reps, I may have
mistakenly believed that all the astronauts and Olympic athletes were all
wearing one vendor's pumps and there were no down sides to pump therapy
(o.k., I'm exaggerating a bit,  but I just wanted to make a point).

Pumping is sometimes harder than I initially expected, but there are other
times when it is easier than I ever thought possible. I try to work on
maintaining a balance between these two extremes.

Randall, I am a strong believer in the wisdom of children and continue to
be amazed by their perceptions of life. I wonder if your son's request for
a "little medicine box" like Dad's was motivated by his observations of the
positive changes in you.

This group makes all of this so much easier to deal with ...

Bob Burnett

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