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Re: [IP] Wearing A Pump

On 20 Feb 98 at 10:29, email @ redacted wrote:

> This is in response to the comments generated from Judy's profile:
> I hear a great deal from members telling other people how they are going to
> have this almost metaphysical life changing event by wearing a pump. While the
> changes have been fantastic and I wouldn't ever want to go back to injections
> I didn't have the feeling of ephoria during or after the first two weeks. I
> also went through a stage of hating the pump and hating my diabetes. I wanted
> to throw the damned thing against the wall.

Some us have had that "euphoria" go on for quite a while... I crashed 
and burned last weekend.  It went like this:  I have had problems 
with sensitivity to the adhesive (itches like crazy) so I took a 
suggestion and tried to shoot the softset in through a tegaderm last 
Saturday.  First indication was that it hurt for almost an hour after 
insertion. Bg was fine for the evening meal, then started going up 
later in the evening.  I was bolusing like crazy, and blaming the 
ice cream and brownie I ate for desert.  My bg sort of 
stabilized by bedtime - but at 4:00 a.m Sunday morning I was sitting 
on the edge of the bed trying to test my bg, soaking wet and shaking 
uncontrollably.  My wife managed to get me into the kitchen and got 
me something to eat.  I had that horrible headache, confusion,  and 
was freezing cold.  My bg was 41.  Then Sunday morning - during 
church my bg went to 290, I bolused and nothing happened.  An hour 
later it crashed...  I ended up changing the set Sunday afternoon.  
As far as we could tell the tegaderm was sometimes restricting the 
cannalua and impeding the flow.  My bolusing was just pressurizing 
the line and as I moved around the line would suddenly open up and I 
would get all the bolus at once.  I've changed the set again since 
then and things have been stable. 

Oh well,  the "euphoria" lasted for about 4 months...  but last 
Sunday morning around 10:30 I felt like throwing my meter, the pump, 
and myself against the wall.

> I often send a note of caution to people considering the pump, especially
> parents of diabetics . . . this is not a cure, it is simply the most efficient
> way of receiving insulin available, you still must maintain diet, exercise and
> insulin.
> Although my desire for control has improved drastically due to the pump, I now
> have to test more than I ever did, I have to watch my food intake, my exercise
> and insulin much closer, of course, b/c I'm in tighter control. 
> These things are not bad but the pump is not a cure. I believe, many people
> sort of think of it that way before getting on it.  Bottom line is that I
> spend more time and energy focused on diabetes than I ever have. 

Katie, these are wonderful words of wisdom that we should have 
printed out and hung somewhere we can see them often.  I think I 
spend less effort now than I did on MDI, but it really is more 
effort spread out instead of those every-four-hour sessions.  The 
investment in time, energy and effort is still required.  

Flexibility is better, but at a cost of increased vigilance.  The 
discipline is still required, and even though many of us have had 
tangible benfits from pump therapy we still carry the stress of 
dealing with this on a continual basis.  

To top it all off... on Monday night when I was getting the boys 
ready for bed Joseph told me that he wanted to get a "little medicine 
box" (that's what he calls the pump)  like mine.  When I told him I 
hoped he never had to have one he got mad and told me he wanted one.  
I just sat down, gave him a hug and cried.  I told him he could have 
a toy medicine box but I hoped he never had a real one - that 
satisfied him.  How many people outside of our circle really 
understand the pain that I felt then and still feel today?  

Randall Winchester

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