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[IP] Re: Wearing A Pump

Actually, I second both of your opinions.  I was soo sick before going
on the pump out of my own thin bank account that this pump WAS nothing
short of a miracle for me.  I needed the motivation of feeling as if I
had some control in order to even feel it was WORTH testing.  I used to
just watch the rollercoaster and not feel as if I had any real control. 
My sister has seen my dramatic turn around and now wants an insulin
pump.  I tell her that since she is not having some of the problems
which I was, she can't expect a miracle, but I think that an insulin
pump will help.  The fact that she will have to purchase the pump and
all of the supplies on her own definitely motivates her to make SURE she
wants a pump.  She decided that it would be worth it and is just waiting
to find some way to afford a used insulin pump.  This is after watching
me adjust, good and bad.  Most people dont have the opportunity to watch
their sister insert tubing 4X in a row because she made a mistake, took
a shower first, and the tape wouldn't stick for an hour afterwords so
the catheter kept coming up and/or crimping.  That's why it is a good
idea for people to talk to others with a pump beforehand (like on this
group) and find out what this is really all about.  Just on a personal
note however, I think that under responsible and intelligent care that
the pump is the easiest way for most individuals to take control of
their disease evn if it can make some situations awkward.


Buddy Barber wrote:
>     I'm for that. I think all prospective patients should be advised of all
> the pro's and con's. Here again, the more you learn the better your control.  The pump does allow you to eat and splurge a little without
> cratering.
> younger they learn the basic lesson that they have to take the best care
> possible to avoid the complications of this disease the better.
> Love ya Katie,
> Buddy '-)  email @ redacted
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