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Re: [IP] how much insulin

That was what was so cool about my little discussion with my new bestest
buddy Juan from Home Medical...he gave me the prices on each item and
totaled the order telling me the amount then calculated that at my $2.000
cap I should be able to make it thru the year without having to purchase
supplies on my own by going over my limit...He's also checking into
getting me a 707....ha...ha...I asked if I needed prescriptions for each
item and he said...no, we do that...service...wow...he said this was
ridiculous...and since he has today Fri. off he left all the info with
his coworker and has made this a priority...and as soon as he got the
authorization the supplies would be to me in 3 days...and I didn't even
have to jump up and down or plead or say purddy please...

  Another thing I would like to make you aware of now. If you let 
>most of these supply companies will talk you into letting them put you 
>"automatic". Be aware that if you let them do this. . . . . . don't 
>let them
>send you lancets and lancet devices and like that. If you need any of 
>items just let me know I have several thousand of them I received 
>before I
>woke up to what they were doing! They charge your insurance company 
>each, that is $6.00 per box of 100 and they will send you 4 or 5 
>hundred at
>a time and the lancet devices are the cheapest, sorriest, most deadly 
>of junk that can not be sold any other way!
>    The one I use is a Softclix by Boehringer  Mannheim (sp?) {my 
>checker don't have this word}. This device has a dial on it so that 
>you can
>adjust the depth of penetration. It is VERY good! I have checked my 4 
>old grandbaby and she won't even flinch.
>    Just watch them. Most accept what your insurance pays as full 
>and they make every dollar they can! Sorry but this is one of my pet 
>and I try to enlighten all I can. If I can help you in any way just 
>let me
>Good luck,
>Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
>Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/