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[IP] Wearing A Pump

This is in response to the comments generated from Judy's profile:

I hear a great deal from members telling other people how they are going to
have this almost metaphysical life changing event by wearing a pump. While the
changes have been fantastic and I wouldn't ever want to go back to injections
. . . 

I didn't have the feeling of ephoria during or after the first two weeks. I
also went through a stage of hating the pump and hating my diabetes. I wanted
to throw the damned thing against the wall.

I often send a note of caution to people considering the pump, especially
parents of diabetics . . . this is not a cure, it is simply the most efficient
way of receiving insulin available, you still must maintain diet, exercise and

Although my desire for control has improved drastically due to the pump, I now
have to test more than I ever did, I have to watch my food intake, my exercise
and insulin much closer, of course, b/c I'm in tighter control. 

These things are not bad but the pump is not a cure. I believe, many people
sort of think of it that way before getting on it.  Bottom line is that I
spend more time and energy focused on diabetes than I ever have. 

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