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Re: [IP] Camps

No insult taken, here. The reason for the variety of camps out there is
because of the variety of people/diabetics out there.

The diabetic camp I attended was not focused too much on diabetes but rather
was run by diabetic educated staff. They also made it easy to maintain the
diabetes while having a serious change in exercise. (Sometimes I'd like a
diabetic educator with me when I try to exercise now - hypo awareness is often
very low.) 

The camp did focus on exchange plans as that was a new concept at the time.
Lots of doctors didn't practise it. I would assume the camps of today would
offer some updated info on pumps, MDI, and carbo counting. Not everyone has
access to the internet or decent endos.

At the camp I met other diabetics, I'd never met one before. Unfortunately,
some of those kids didn't even give there own shots. There are some over
protecting parents out there. 

After one year, I was ready for a more challenging camp. My parents and I were
both better prepared for it.
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