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Re: [IP] Camps

One more comment re diabetes camps.  When it was mentioned as an option for
Melissa, the hospital social worker (diabetic himself) actually dissuaded us,
saying that he felt Melissa had adapted so well to her self-care, and that we
as a family were so involved in overseeing her diabetes management, that it
was unnecessary.  He said that he'd gone as a child and all it did for him was
to teach him lots of "tricks" to fool the counselors, parents, etc. with
"manufactured" bg results; how to cheat & sneak food, and basically, how NOT
to accept responsibility for having diabetes!!! If, however, a child felt
isolated & "different" and was "avoiding" dealing with their diabetes, that
might be a different story.....Many of the parents I've met at the Children
with Diabetes website chat rooms have had wonderful experiences sending their
children to these camps......To reiterate what's been said already, guess we
all have to listen to our kids more!!!!

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