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Re: Re: [IP] Camps

>In a message dated 2/19/98 5:14:57 PM, Kimberly wrote:
><<My parents ignored my complaints
>because other parents told them how "great" camp was.>>

When I went to diabetes camp, 16 years ago, I went under duress.  It was a
combo diabetes/diet/hemophilia camp, which was sort of weird.  I didn't
learn anything new, but it was nice to meet other kids with diabetes.

I hated it so much that there was a plan to run away, but a counsellor
heard us.  I was pretty unhappy because they took away my blood testing
stuff when I got there, because I "wasn't old enough to take care of it".
I was 16 and very responsible and had been looking after all the diabetes
stuff for 3 years (since day 1), so that was like a slap in the face.

I think I am glad that I went but it just reinforced for me that people
could be ignorant about diabetes and people with diabetes, even in a
supposedly educated atmosphere.


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