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Re: [IP] Animals and low BG

In response,
yes there are physical changes associated with a low BG.  Your entire
body chemistry changes.  Dogs have a sense of smell over 1000X that of
humans isn't it possible that they notice this change.  Dogs detect
changes in epileptics that humans do not notice.  When a person gets low
not only does their behavior change, but their heart rate, respiration,
and degree of coordination also change.  My family members can often
tell if I am getting low, a dog, being even more sensitive to these
sorts of changes most definitely would notice a change.  I don't think
that my dog is psychic at all, I just think that they are less
distracted by day to day living and therefore are more likely than
another human to recognize these changes.


email @ redacted wrote:
> Psychic pets... wow..
> Pretty soon you can call your psychic phone pet and they will bark or
> meow to let you know your blood sugar is high? do they go after you if
> your bs is high? probably not.. I'm very skeptical of this phenomenon..
> People with pets, babies, etc., tend to give them supernatural powers or
> something
> I do know that pets can sense Epileptic seizures but I don't believe the blood
> sugar
> deal, unless there is a physical change in behavior to prompt them to go into
> rescue mode.. other than that, I just can't buy the psychic pet explanation..
> but, I have first dibs on the psychic pet hotline.. I can find some out of
> work
> actors to promote it for me... Lassie?
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