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[IP] how much insulin

Hi everybody...glad you are back to us Sara...tell me when your mailbox
is cleaned out and i will send a note...
	I'm just curious...how much insulin do you guys go thru in 2
months...I need to get set up with the mail order pharmacy by getting my
dr to write a prescription for how much I need but I don't want to short
the company or short myself...I am not sure I am calculating the amount
of insulin I use correctly...I get something like 8 bottles for 2
months...can this be right? I use the short syringe method and have to
prime 4o+ inches of tubing every 3 days...I might switch to changing sets
every 2 days cuz I seem to be getting lumps under my skin...WOW just got
off the phone with home medical....they are phenomenal...Juan was so
helpful ...nothing like the bang your head against the wall feeling I
have experienced so far with the insurance and the other mail order
co...good thing cuz I am starting to run out of all my supplies...Whew

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