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Re: Re: [IP] Camps

> In a message dated 2/19/98 5:14:57 PM, Kimberly wrote:
> <<My parents ignored my complaints
> because other parents told them how "great" camp was.>>
> Kimberly,
> Your comments are interesting.  I absolutely refused to go to Diabetic camp
> for just the reasons that you stated.  After reading the recent letters, I was
> beginning to think I made a mistake.  Oh well, that was 33 years ago.
> Education was quite limited then.

A comment on Lily's experience might help here. She got a big 
confidence boost from the first Diabetes camp, was completely bored 
with the second one and complained that she never got enough to eat 
and they didn't understand anything about pumping (they expected her 
to eat snacks, etc...). That was the last D-camp. After that she went 
to standard kids camp. I think both experiences were valuable for 
her. The first gave her confidence and the second showed her that she 
was in control of the disease instead of the other way around.

Mimi & I encouraged her to go but it was definetly optional.

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