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Re: [IP] Calling on the Experienced!

At my pump group meeting several of the pumpers said that their sugars go
down under stress...a gentleman said that they tested normie fighter
pilots that had fatally crashed and that their sugars were low.....

>didn't matter what I ate , my bs was not moving any where but down.  
>you being feeling ill at all or stressed out ?  When this happened to 
>me , 
>and the EMS came to my home, I was asked theses questions.  I work at 
>clinic and I just asked one of our doctors about this .  He told me it 
>be either an  adrenal or pancreatic problem.  There are enzymes being 
>produced in the body that eat up the sugar as fast as you can eat 
>them. This 
>is what may could have been happening. Did you put your bump in 
>  One thing he said also is regarding stress.
>Hopefully this makes  some sense.

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