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RE: [IP] continuous glucose sensor

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> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 4, 1998 4:21 PM
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> Subject: 	[IP] continuous glucose sensor
> kinda frustrated on gathering info on the glucose sensor...I guess the
> FDA has a gag order on the company...but Evelyne did say it might be
> out
> beg. of '99...depends on how it goes with the FDA and if they are
> satisfied with the data or if they want more...so I guess you can come
> out of the lurking closet Bill, I kinda figured you couldn't give me
> too
> much info...big sigh...Michelle...
>    oh, there was a guy there who was in the research study for the
> implantable insulin pump by minimed...he's waiting as impatiently for
> that to come out here as I am for the glucose sensor...It is being
> used
> in Europe...a problem they had was with the insulin..
I can talk a little about the sensor and the implantable pump.

We have submitted the continuous sensor data to the FDA.  We hope to
sometime in the next few months.  We hope to have a product on the
by the end of the year, but that product will be for doctor's use as a 
holter type monitor only.  A few months after that product is out, we
submit data for a hypoglycemia detector system and following that, the 
continuous monitor.  We need to learn more about our systems but
so far the data look good.

As for the implantable pump, we will be submitting to the FDA this year
hope to be selling the device in the U.S. in 1999.


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