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Re: [IP] Painful arm

Thanks for the welcome and input about my broken arm. I broke it 10 weeks ago
and there is still no bone growth!! (Am even using a "bone growth
stimulator"). The problem I am having with exercise is, it is the Humerus
(upper arm) and the bone ends rub together when I move with any speed at all.
So, walking is out.
      Have no use of arm, hand is swollen, and I can't seem to get bgs in
control. Have changed my basals to deliver more, since I am out of work and
basically DO NOTHING, but don't have it right yet. Tempted to test and bolus
every two hours! (Just kidding, as I know about "left over insulin"). I do not
own an exercise bike, guess that is what I need that won't jar arm.
     Actually, I am going to start PT next week for mobilization of elbow,
wrist and hand. I am wearing an immobilizing brace on arm to keep the arm from
"flapping oddly about ".(boy did that ever conjur(sp?) up some images :-). ) I
asked for PT, as I did have "frozen shoulder" on the left, a couple of years
ago. Was afraid of it happening on right since I have not used shoulder in 10
weeks. Hope PT will be vigorous enough to help bg control, but kinda doubt it
will be, since the bone is not healed yet.
   Just read my message, sorry to ramble. Am just frustrated. Actually got
angry when I heard that the Queen Mum WALKED out of the hospital three weeks
after hip replacement, AT HER AGE. And, here I am at 34 yo, with a simple
broken bone that won't heal!!!!!!     thanks again,  Lynne
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