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Re: [IP] Kids on Pumps!

Yea Betsy:
     you go girl!!! My now 15 yr old says she wishes she had gotten her pump
sooner than age 13...Feels she was mature & responsible enough to have handled
it & wouldn't have had to endure so many social situations where she felt
"different" because she couldn't participate.....

Renee (aka Melissa's mom )

p.s. to all the others "posters": how's this for ultimate revenge: I have to
have 10 days worth of sub-cu injections at home to restore my
immunosuppressed white blood count (from chemo)  & guess who's salivating at
the thought of being able to STICK ME!!!!!!!!....Melissa's eyes positively lit
up at remembering all those shots I gave her in her arm that she yelped
about!!!....Ye olde "what goes around, comes around!LOL"
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