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[IP] New blood glucose machine: no blood!!!

Just got the info from another diabetic line (actually I think Ted is on this list also: he's the very long term diabetic man with
INTELLEGENT answers to diabetes related questions and intellegent questions to the medical community) (as opposed to me who is also long term diabetic with wry answers and distrust of medical community)


Samsung Introduces World's First Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measuring Device 
-  Device Measures Blood Glucose Levels Accurately and Painlessly 

 SEOUL, Korea - February 12, 1998 - Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (SFC) announced today that it has developed a hand-held device named TouchTrak, which measures blood glucose levels without a blood sample. By using a non-invasive electromagnetic radiant ray to determine glucose levels, Samsung's new device eliminates the need for diabetics to prick their fingers multiple times every day.

Samsung developed the measuring device in conjunction with German pharmaceutical company ArithMed GmbH and will mass-produce the device beginning mid-1998 at its Ulsan, Korea plant. The new product will be sold in Korea and other parts of Asia beginning mid-1998, pending government approvals.

"Until now, diabetics have had to draw blood for blood smear preparations to determine their blood sugar level -- a method which can be uncomfortable and its results inaccurate," says Samsung Fine Chemicals official. "Clinical trials in Germany, Japan and Korea have proven Samsung's new device to be simple, painless and more accurate than comparable devices out on the market."

Over the next five years, Samsung plans to invest over US$30 million to manufacture and market the device. Samsung expects that the market for blood glucose monitoring devices will increase dramatically beginning next year. sales of the device to reach $100 million by 2002.

< Note to Editors >
Diabetics are deficient of insulin, a pancreatic hormone essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, which prevents the absorption of glucose into cells and the conversion of sugar into energy. Adults with the condition have to draw blood for tests four to five times a day, and children up to over ten times a day, to measure the excessive glucose dissolved in the blood. Indications of diabetes include nausea, shakiness, and numbness around the lips and tongue. If untreated or not monitored carefully, the disease can result in long-term complications such as liver failure, kidney disease, amputations and blindness. 

Approximately 2% of the world's population, or 114 million people, are diabetics, according to a 1994 survey conducted by WHO, and the number is estimated to increase about 7.1% a year. By the year 2000, 3.1% of the population, or 175 million people, is expected to be afflicted with the disease. In Korea alone, some 1.5 million people now require regular monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., a US$423 million flagship company of the Samsung Group, is Korea's leading specialty chemical manufacturer. The company plans to lead the pharmaceutical & fine chemicals industries in the twenty-first century by focusing on the application of biotechnology to develop new medicinal and chemical compounds. Samsung Fine Chemicals employs approximately 1,000 people.

The Samsung Group, a leading electronics, engineering and chemical manufacturer and financial services company, employs approximately 260,000 people worldwide and had 1996 revenues of US$92.7 billion.

For further information, please contact Peter Pi, Samsung Fine Chemicals, Medical Devices Team, at 82-2-772-1945(Fax : 82-2-772-1959).


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