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OK y'all - just a short note cuz I am borrowing a computer. but first of sll
THANKS to all of you who called while I was incarcerated.  All the tips were
appreciated.  I hope I wasn't too groggy or rude to anyone but they kept me
pretty drugged up.

I will give you the low down as soon as I get back to NYC, but the short story

They did a barium enema (EEEEEEK) and another CT scan and decided I had some
baseball sized mass pressing on my inestines, but not being sure what it was
they decided to do a lapridectomy (SP?) - they went in to see what looked bad
and found a HUGE abscess on my appendix.  It is called retro illium apprend
something - my appendix was tucked behind my intestines which is why they
couldn't figure it out before and illium meaning endof my appendix or

I am recooping in FL at moms for a week or so, then back to NYC - had my
staples removed today andhavent split part yet - I am cut from about 3 inches
above my belly button to my former bikini line - i wont be going to the beach
for a while

diabetes wise - [ump stayed inthe thigh and bs stayed between 90 and 150 the
whole time!  with basals reset to .5 and ,6 for most of the time

gotta run


Love Sara
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