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Re: [IP] Kids on Pumps!

If anyone heard a joyful scream coming from the direction of Colorado this
afternoon, that would have been me! Stephanie (8.5 yo) asked her endo for a
pump again today, and finally got a yes. We went in armed with an inch thick
file of info complete with many anecdotes from other kids with pumps and
their parents' stories as well as knowledge about possible problems/dangers
of pump therapy, and he was finally convinced! We still have many hoops to
jump through, but we're on the road now!  Yee Ha! Thanks for all your help
and suggestions!

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From: Rose Lulla <email @ redacted>
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Date: Wednesday, February 18, 1998 11:59 AM
Subject: [IP] Kids on Pumps!

>I have to agree with Michael completely.  Don't wait to put your kids on
>the pump.  I'm not sure how we get this across to the endos out there,
>put it has to be done.  With kids not wanting to eat, I would think that
>would be even more reason to get them started pumping.  I know the pump
>has made a huge difference in Ravi's life and in our family.  Ravi is
>10.5 and has been pumping for almost 4 months now.  We love the pump!
>Rose(aka Ravi's mom)
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