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Re: [IP] Animals and low BG

Hi Bob-

Yeah, but would a goldfish jump out it's bowl and drool on me?

Becky Draper

email @ redacted wrote:

> Michelle, Kimberly, et al:
> "Alert dogs" are commonly used to respond to a variety of conditions which
> encumber their owners. Epileptic seizures are the situation which come
> immediately to mind. I think this may have been the focus of the program
> which was featured on a Public Television or Discovery Channel show. It
> detailed a women's prison setting where the inmates trained alert dogs.
> These were plain ol' garden variety, rescued from the pound dogs - no high
> priced, showroom fancy, full of options pooches here. One of the inmates
> was epileptic, and the dog responded exactly as trained. Pretty amazing stuff.
> If you think about it, each of us gives some kind of cue(s) when going low.
> Some of us are fortunate enough to have others recognize the symptoms and
> react appropriately. Given that animals are frequently more tuned in to us
> than we are to each other, they should fit this role quite nicely.
> Wouldn't it be great if insurers recognized the benefits of alert animals
> for diabetics. Possible side benefits include: companionship (obviously),
> someone(thing) which forces us to adhere to our exercise schedule, a
> companion who accepts all our BS without complaining, a companion who loves
> and expects nothing in return (sorry, I borrowed that from somewhere - must
> be this Valentine's day thing I am trying to shake).
> Of course, with the proliferation of HMOs, we are liable to end up with
> approvals for alert goldfish ...
> Bob Burnett
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