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Re: [IP] Animals and low BG

Michelle, Kimberly, et al:

"Alert dogs" are commonly used to respond to a variety of conditions which
encumber their owners. Epileptic seizures are the situation which come
immediately to mind. I think this may have been the focus of the program
which was featured on a Public Television or Discovery Channel show. It
detailed a women's prison setting where the inmates trained alert dogs.
These were plain ol' garden variety, rescued from the pound dogs - no high
priced, showroom fancy, full of options pooches here. One of the inmates
was epileptic, and the dog responded exactly as trained. Pretty amazing stuff.

If you think about it, each of us gives some kind of cue(s) when going low.
Some of us are fortunate enough to have others recognize the symptoms and
react appropriately. Given that animals are frequently more tuned in to us
than we are to each other, they should fit this role quite nicely.

Wouldn't it be great if insurers recognized the benefits of alert animals
for diabetics. Possible side benefits include: companionship (obviously),
someone(thing) which forces us to adhere to our exercise schedule, a
companion who accepts all our BS without complaining, a companion who loves
and expects nothing in return (sorry, I borrowed that from somewhere - must
be this Valentine's day thing I am trying to shake).

Of course, with the proliferation of HMOs, we are liable to end up with
approvals for alert goldfish ...

Bob Burnett

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