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Re: [IP] hypo alert kitty

Yeah Michelle, I know this story sounds bizarre, but it's true.  The cat has
performing this miracle for me for years, but I never told anyone about it
except my husband.  I finally told my endo about about 3 months ago.
I never wanted to tell her because I never thought she'd believe me plus
think that I was crazy as a j-bird!  She laughed at the story, but said that
animals are very sensitive to their "masters."  She mentioned that the cat
probably detects some type of change in my breathing.  And yes, while
the cat has attempted to wake me from nocturnal hypoglycemic state, she
has actually DROOLED in my mouth!!  I guess as long as I don't start
taking a bath by licking myself clean with my tongue and coughing up
hairballs I'll be just fine.

Becky Draper

Michelle Rands wrote:

> Becky
> Your story made me laugh out loud...drool...still laughing....where can I
> get a hypo alert kitty...without the drool, of course...a small nudge or
> meow, would do quite nice, thank you...does anyone else have any other
> similar stories...I saw something on Discover or TLC about a dog sniffing
> cancer and the possibility of using animals as diagnositic tools...still
> smiling...drool...too funny...maybe it's a good thing the cat prefers
> your husband...your lap might become quite a soggy place....Michelle
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