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Re: [IP] exercise and uncontrollable lows

> Or...
> I have noticed that after exercise lows do seem to be more difficult to
> control even if I suspend the pump.  I have come to several conclusions
> which have yet to be scientifically proven.  Exercise seems to release
> endorphins and/or hormones which increase the effectiveness of insulin
> long after the exercise is through.

Exercise stimulates your liver to convert glucogen to glucose. I has 
to be replaced.

You need to profile your basal requirements while exercising.
You probably need carb intake in the range of 10 to 15 grams an hour 
at least to keep you even.  Soda crackers are good if not chewed too 
much, they should release glucose to your system over about 1/2 hour.
Or eat something like a power bar.  I'm sure others have their 
favorite exercise snacks.

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