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Re: [IP] Painful arm

> From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>

> > Wondering if anyone has ideas for
> > exercise I can do to help Diabetic control that will allow for
> > immobile and painful arm. 
> Strongly suggest some physical thearpy and possibly some cortisone 
> shots in the joint.

I know Michael's now realized that Lynne has a broken arm, however, I
thought I'd point this out in case anyone else might take his advice. 

Cortisone is known to raise bg levels significantly and unpredictably, for
as long as it works. That's usually weeks.  If you really need it, take it,
but expect to see some highs that are hard to predict and control. 

(Michael might not have known, since he himself isn't diabetic.)

email @ redacted
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