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[IP] exercise and uncontrollable lows

I have noticed that after exercise lows do seem to be more difficult to
control even if I suspend the pump.  I have come to several conclusions
which have yet to be scientifically proven.  Exercise seems to release
endorphins and/or hormones which increase the effectiveness of insulin
long after the exercise is through.  I have also noticed that once I am
low, it takes far more food/carbs to bring me up than it would have
taken to keep me up.  I wonder if low BGs don't release some of the same
chemicals as exercise does.  The combination of the two can be quite
scary.  I have on occasion forgotten to program a temporary basal rate
and found myself in trouble.  That is why I usually eat a high protein
snack instead of relying on a basal change.  Did you perhaps forget to
change your basal rate??  In these circumstances it is usually best to
treat initially with carbs alone and then eat a regular meal once you
notice you are definitely coming up.  Sometimes I forget to activate a
bolus or a basal rate if I get distracted... I guess that the beep isn't
entirely bad on the mini-med.
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