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RE: [IP] Calling on the Experienced!

> I am sorry to say that I, too have experienced this same experience.  It 
> didn't matter what I ate , my bs was not moving any where but down. 

Lily has had this happen as well, we treat it as a semi-normal 
occurence when it does.

Standard procedure is to eat enough glucose (by calculation) to bring 
bg's to the 125-150 range, test every 20 min and repeat until stable.
Doing this usually results in bg's never falling below about 50 and 
takes anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours to stabilize.  There always 
seems to be a little plateau then another small drop then stable or a 
sharp rise in bg's.  It does not seem to matter if she stops her 
basal rate or not, but I suspect the stability is better at the end 
if she leaves it running (she does stop any square bolus in process).

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