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Re: [IP] Marti - severe low, was: Calling on the Experienced!

Thank you all for your responses to my problem.

Bob, I prefer glucose tablets too and use them exclusively, along with some
protein like cheese or milk.  I probably should have continued with them
instead of switching to high fat foods like p-nut butter cups and cookies
(although these things always worked in the past).  Perhaps the gastroparesis
has changed over the years and I haven't realized it since I never have any
episodes of it.

I don't think my pump was at fault (although I did put it on suspend about 1/2
hour into this) and I still believe that I bolused correctly at lunch.  I
didn't have a lot of fat in my lunch as it was one of the low-fat frozen
entrees with the carb count on the box.

I do have Glucagon in the house, but I was hesitant to use that since I never
fell below 60 and was able to consume carbs.  I think I might have been too
dizzy to mix that up and I was alone.

I am not aware of any illness present or particularly heavy stress.  I am
still experiences lows today.  I have decreased my basals and am bolusing only
half what I normally would for meals. (1 unit per 30 carbs).  I think I'm
going to skip my workout tomorrow until I get a better feel for what is going
on.  Maybe I'm going into remission!!!!!

Thanks guys!

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