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Re: [IP] Unsubscribe

On 17 Feb 98 at 10:19, email @ redacted wrote:

> I'm sorry to bore or make some of you mad with this (Non-diabetic nonsense),
> but I wanted the few of you that care about me to know what's been up.

Some of this non-diabetic stuff affects our bg levels more than the 
pump so there shouldn't be much complaint about discussing it.  If 
anyone complains we'll shift gears and talk about how to temporary 
bolus to handle the added stress.  

> I didn't like some of the things that have been said in the group right before
> I stopped writing either. Something was said to me and some people have just
> been too interested in being mean to one another. It's been said before, but
> we all share something together that not many other people can understand
> fully. That is why I contacted Glenn in the first place. It's not saying much
> for the people of the world if we can't even get along!! I'm really worried
> about the world I'm leaving to my children.

Very few people outside of other pump users can really understand 
what we go through.  That's where this group is important - our 
shared experience hopefully allows us to encourage and support each 

> I guess I screwed up the unsubscribe thing, so I will stay around and not
> bother ya'll about dumb stuff.

I missed reading your posts.  Glad you're still around... and I hope 
that everything settles down happily for you.  

Randall Winchester

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