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Re: [IP] Painful arm


Er, I think Lynne was referring to a _broken_ arm, as she said:

"Am currently struggling with a broken right arm that doesn't want to heal.
Wondering if anyone has ideas for exercise I can do to help Diabetic control
that will allow for immobile and painful arm."

I don't think physical therapy would be in order until the bone has healed.
Your suggestion would make sense for someone suffering from adhesive
capsulitis (aka 'frozen shoulder').

Lynne, assuming your arm is in a sling, I'd suggest vigorous walking as an
exercise alternative until the thing heals up.

At 10:06 2/18/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Strongly suggest some physical thearpy and possibly some cortisone 
>shots in the joint.
>Had the same problem with my left arm 3 years ago. I lost all but 
>about 10% mobility.  After a long hard course of PT & 3 shots to the 
>joint I now enjoy better than 95% mobility and completely free of 
>pain.  Also, ask about naprosin to control the ache.

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