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RE: [IP] hypo alert kitty

I love these stories...I have a 7 year old male cat who is more like a child
than an animal.  Twice in the past 6 months, he has wakened me from a reaction
in the early morning hours.  The first time he jumped on my chest - he weighs
16 lbs. and the second time he tickled me with his wiskers until I was able to
do something!!  I think it is the sounds we might make or the thrashing
around??? Whatever, I was grateful both times, but have to wonder why it never
happened before?   By the way, I am scheduled to begin the pump the first week
of March.  I am really looking forward to it and have so enjoyed reading the
information you all generate!

Thanks and wish me luck!  Sue Gordon
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Your story made me laugh out loud...drool...still laughing....where can I
get a hypo alert kitty...without the drool, of course...a small nudge or
meow, would do quite nice, thank you...does anyone else have any other
similar stories...I saw something on Discover or TLC about a dog sniffing
cancer and the possibility of using animals as diagnositic tools...still
smiling...drool...too funny...maybe it's a good thing the cat prefers
your husband...your lap might become quite a soggy place....Michelle
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